Revolve Creations™ by IgGENE® 2019

The Collections

Uniquely designed to capture the essence of the human spirit and provide the ultimate joy and inspiration to all

Gayau White Final.png

Light up your room with a Revocrystal! These sculptures are original designs made of pure solid crystal. Not only are they beautiful to look at and touch, but can also be used for unique lighting. They can light up on their own or using a Revolamp (see below). Light travels from the base of the sculpture all the way to the top and then beacons out to the surroundings. These luxurious pieces will certainly turn heads in any place for whatever occasion.

Light up your room with a Revolamp! This table lamp has a revolving stage to showcase your collection of luxurious timepieces or stone carvings, or anything beautiful. This patented combination opens up a whole new world of viewing pleasures and experiences. Enjoy your favourite sculpture as it revolves gracefully and quietly around against a beautiful backdrop provided by the lampshade and stage, while the sculpture bathes alluringly in multi-coloured changing light.


Crystal sculptures particularly come alive because these become lit from inside rather than outside. 


Click below to see the different choices of design and colour, and the accessories.


Our recommended combinations of Revocrystals and Revolamps for the ultimate Revo-experience... be mesmerised by what you see!